UFC Fight Night Costa versus Vettori Full Card Preview, Odds, and Betting Analysis

UFC Fight Night Costa versus Vettori Full Card Preview, Odds, and Betting Analysis


Paulo Costa Vs Marvin Vettori UFC

We're hopping directly into UFC Fight Night Costa versus Vettori! We have fourteen battles to cover, and we're jumping profound on the wagering chances and details. Wagering chances given by Betonline! Prepare for a few genuine surprises this Saturday, October 23rd at UFC Apex Arena!

Battle 14 Main Event: Paulo Costa versus Marvin Vettori


After misfortunes to the champion, two competitors meet for Saturday's Main Event.

Story Of The Tape

FIGHTER PAULO COSTA MARVIN VETTORIOdds +132 -152Age 30 28Height 6'1'' 6'0" Reach/Stance 72" Orthodox 67" Orthodox Record 13-1 17-5 Entries/TKO 1/11 9/2 Chances Last Fight +168 (Loss) +225 (misfortune) Over/Under 4 ½ Rounds Over+100 Under - 130

Vettori comes in the number one in this coordinate, wearing the adolescent benefit, yet coming in more limited. Costa's five inch arrive at advantage is huge and ought to influence Vettori's capacity to get to the hold.Costa has just a single misfortune in the UFC 스마일벳 while Vettori has lost two times to Adesanya, and two additional times inside the advancement. Costa's longshot status is his third in the UFC, coming in the dark horse against Romero and Adasanya. Would it be advisable for me to Bet on Paulo Costa? Costa getting $1.32 per dollar bet is one of the more ideal arrangements on the card. Vettori is great, yet everybody ought to be worried about his striking. Costa stood unafraid with Romero, Uriah Hall, hendricks and has taken out everything except two of his UFC adversaries.

Costa's Recent Fight Performances

Costa hasn't been exceptionally dynamic, battling just once each year for the last three. His misfortune to Israel was back in September 2020. His success over Romero was in mid-2019.Notwithstanding, he looked as sharp as he at any point has in each match. The choice over Romero was activity stuffed, with Coast doling out all that he had at Romero, landing shots that have taken out different warriors cold. Of Costa's four UFC knockouts, three were in the early minutes of the subsequent round. His presentation showed a seventy-second knockout of Garreth McLellan in the wake of landing just 22 shots.He was a - 320 number one in his most memorable session and has floated around this moneyline, dropping to - 265, then, at that point - 290. His dark horse status for three-battles straight shows the impact a striking misfortune can have on a knockout competitor.

Costa's Fighting Style and Stats

Costa searches for the KO and not much else. He's never shot a takedown or accommodation endeavor across six UFC sessions. His Takedown guard is a dazzling 80%, and his striking is amazing, landing seven strikes each moment while engrossing 6.7 by and large.For middleweights, this is a staggering speed.Costa is a feature reel warrior. Vettori hasn't been taken out in the UFC, however in the event that anybody can get it done, it's Costa.Would it be advisable for me I Bet on Marvin VettoriVettori has completed two of his UFC rivals over the last eleven battles. He's 7-4 for the advancement. Vettori has been significantly more dynamic, piling up two battles this year as of now, and two last year. Vettori was on a five-battle win streak until he met Adesanya, yet those adversaries were generally not top five in the division.

Vettori's Recent Fight Performances

Vettori improved against Adesanya than Costa, if by some stroke of good luck since he has a takedown game. Vettori scored four takedowns against Israel. Wrestling is obviously Izzy's shortcoming, and Vettori almost grasped a triumph arrival 58 strikes to Israel's 96, and controlling 6:55 of the five-round battle.Vettori scored eleven takedowns over Kevin Holland, however Holland's takedown protection has forever been being referred to. The Jack Hermansson battle is a fascinating one. Vettori showed worked on counter wrestling and striking, adjusting a more balanced game than he had in his initial five UFC appearances.

Vettori's Fighting Style and Stats

Vettori eases back the speed, striking at 3.8 each moment and engrossing at 3.04. He's typically in grasp or top situation for those strikes, and against Costa, he'll bring a significant number of similar apparatuses he utilized in his choice misfortune to Israel; relieve the harm while getting the takedown.Vettori scores 2.2 takedowns per battle with a half exactness. On paper, it seems as though he'll just need four endeavors to bring Costa down, however these details are intensely impacted by his last two battles with Israel and Holland, scoring 15 takedowns complete.He just has eleven takedowns over his nine battles from Hermansson to Uda. he was outwrestled by various non-competitor UFC competitors. Vettori is defenseless to being constrained into a kickboxing coordinate with Costa.

Prop Bets Available for Costa versus Vettori

Here are the most probable prop wagers according to my perspective. A Costa KO pays out high, yet on the off chance that Israel couldn't make it happen, I don't realize that I'll take the bet.The 'battle does and doesn't go to choice' props both sit at a similar position.Costa TKO:+225Battle Does/Doesn't Go to Decision:-115 Vettori Scorecards no activity: -105 Vettori not winning any scorecard adjusts is - 105. This is a fascinating prop, on the grounds that regardless of whether Coasta wins early, it's simply a gander at whether Vettori could win a round. In any case, the prop pays under a Costa win, so I don't know I'm keen on it.

Last Pick for Costa versus Vettori

Costa is a staggering competitor. I figure he can rematch Israel and offer his wrestling that would be useful to win the battle. It's appalling he's so dedicated to TKO gets done, in light of the fact that he has a solid wrestling foundation. Vettori isn't a finisher, and against Costa he'll require a somewhat better arrived to ingested proportion to remain alive.PAULO COSTA VS MARVIN VETTORI:Paulo Costa!+ 132

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Battle 13: Grant Dawson versus Ricky Glenn

Lightweight Two warriors keep climbing from featherweight 레이스벳  to lightweight go head to head in a one of a kind balanced striker versus balanced grappler coordinate.

Story Of The Tape

FIGHTER GRANT DAWSON RICKY GLENNOdds -330 +290Age 27 32Height 5'10" 6'0"Reach/Stance 72" Switch 70" SouthpawRecord 17-1 22-6-1Entries/TKO 11/4 4/12Chances Last Fight -185 (Win) +122 (Win) Over/Under 2 ½ Rounds Over - 145 Under +115

Dawson is a weighty number one. He sorts the arrive at advantage, a superior success and finish rate and is five years more youthful than Glen.Glen is taller and has more power in his strikes, it adversary's all out to complete twelve. The two warriors are falling off of wins, with Glen saving longshot status for two battles running.Notice the under prop is a gentle longshot.Notwithstanding the high completing rate among them, Glen has battled six of his seven UFC sessions to choice.Would it be a good idea for me to Bet on Grant Dawson Dawson has never lost in the UFC. he's done three adversary's by means of RNC accommodation and his last battle through knockout. Be that as it may, there is some inquiry concerning the degree of rival he's confronted.

Award Dawson Recent Fight Performances

He's battled multiple times beginning around 2019, and this is his second battle of the year, making him an extremely dynamic UFC level warrior. His success over Leonardo Santos showed him completing late in the third subsequent to scoring only one of thirteen takedown endeavors.Santos has a 89% takedown guard, and had crushed each lightweight he confronted other than a draw with Norman Parke in 2014. Beyond Santos, Grant has just battled warriors with low completing rates inside the UFC, or a larger part UFC misfortunes.

Award Dawson Fight Stats and Style

Dawson is a constant grappler, scoring a typical 3.4 takedowns for each battle. He endeavored entries at 1.6 each fifteen minutes and subsequently submitted half of his UFC adversaries. He lands strikes 3:2 against most of contenders.Would it be advisable for me I Bet on Ricky Glenn

Glenn has been abandoned, taking on Myles Jury, Kevin Agular, and Dennis Bermudez in one three battle stretch. He as of late crushed Joaquim Silva in the first round. He's a Team Alpha Male commodity, and with the new line of TAM succeeds at DWCS, something should be in the water over at Uriah Faber's home exercise center.

Ricky Glen Fighting Style and Stats

Glenn just has one knockout inside the UFC. In his six choices beginning around 2016 he went 3-3.Glenn has a low takedown precision, scoring just 13% across all battles. His strikes arrived to be assimilated are both floating around 4.3.What we need to choose here is whether Glenn's adversary quality is that far over Dawson's. Dawson seems to be the simple right solution for this battle, however Glenn has gone head to head against two top twenty lightweights.

Prop Bets Available

More than 2 ½ Rounds:-145Under 2 ½ Rounds:+115Battle Does Go to Decision:-150Battle Doesn't Go to Decision:+120 Dawson Inside the Distance: +170

I'm not as keen on the Dawson props as many will be. He will get a novel test in Glenn. The battle going to choice prop is valuable. The two contenders have shown better knockout power, so it could go in any case.

My Final Pick for Dawson versus Glen

In the wake of thinking about Dawson's takedown mechanics, and Glenn's powerlessness to stay strong easily, I think we've found a winer. Glenn is in the right organization to make upgrades, however I think this is one more illustration of the intermediaries throwing Glenn to the wolves.Award DAWSON VS RICKY GLENN:

Award Dawson!-330Put down BET NOW!Battle 12: Jessica-Rose Clark versus Joselyne EdwardsLadies' BantamweightTwo bantamweights with blended outcomes in the UFC meet in a three round battle that guarantees firecrackers.

Story Of The Tape

FIGHTER JESSICA-ROSE CLARK JOSELYNE EDWARDSOdds -146 +126Age 33 26Height 5'5'' 5'8''Reach/Stance 64'' Orthodox 70''OrthodoxRecord 10-6, 1 NC 10-3Entries/TKO in UFC 2/3 3/5Chances Last Fight -185 (WIn) +175 (Loss) Over/Under 1 ½ rounds Over - 550 Under +400 Jessica-Rose is the number one in this session, donning more insight and more UFC wraps up, in spite of less generally speaking completions.


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